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Leak Detection

Turn Your Hydrant into a Smart Hydrant 
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SmartCap™ is a non-invasive, pipe monitoring device that will turn any hydrant into a smart hydrant. Using patented sensors and wireless IoT connectivity to the SmartCap provides real-time infrastructure management in a matter of minutes. Designed to fit on any style of fire hydrant, the SmartCap monitors your infrastructure for leaks, flow events, changes in temperature, changes in pipe condition and tamper incidents - prior to the onset of these critical events. Installation can be completed within minutes without disruption or system shutdown.

Features & Benefits


• Suitable for All Standard Hydrants

• Installed in Less Than Five Minutes

• CAT M1 Cellular Connectivity

• Suitable for Monitoring Distribution        Pipes (18" or less) for Hydrants

• On-Site Battery Replacement


• Leak Detection

• Tamper Alerts

• Flow Events

• Vibration and Seismic Activity

• Temperature Events

• Condition Assessment

• Live Wire Less Connectivity




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