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AV Water Technologies, Inc. (AVWT) is a distributor of advanced metering systems and innovative technologies to the water utility market which include “Smart City” devices. The technologies include the latest in metering technology with ultrasonic water meters (non-mechanical, smart meters). Nonproprietary, public network Advanced Metering Infrastructure LoRa for communications with water meters and other Smart City edged devices. Non-obtrusive water distribution systems leak detection, with the latest communication technologies using Cellular LTE Cat M. In addition, AV Water technologies has begun offering technologies that lead to safer environments for utilities and other business’. 

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The History of AVR Utility Billing – AV Water Technologies LLC


AVR Utility Billing has operated for more than 60 years providing utility billing to over 800 water and gas utilities. In 2015, AVR expanded its business to include water meters and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) as a full-service distributor. In 2016 AVR replaced their original meter manufacturer and signed as distributor for Diehl Metering. Then in 2017 became a distributor of Honeywell for large water meters and gas products.


In the spring of 2019, it became apparent at AVR Utility Billing it was difficult running a billing software company and a meter and automation distributorship under the same umbrella. Ron Emberg, Chief Executive Officer and Susan Emberg, President of AVR Utility Billing decided to separate the organizations, retaining AVR Utility Billing and creating AV Water Technologies LLC. In June of 2019, Ron and Susan, were approached by I3 Verticals, Inc. about acquiring AVR Utility Billing. The acquisition was completed in September 2019. Ron Emberg remained CEO of AVR Utility Billing. Susan Emberg was named Chief Executive Officer of AV Water Technologies’.





AV Water Technologies Today


The AV Water Team is ever expanding and operates in eights states. AV Water Technologies is headquartered in Houston Texas with a million dollars of inventory to service the immediate needs of water utility customers. Please contact us for more information.

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