Capstone Nova Cellular CatM vs. Proprietary Fixed Networks

​​A move to Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is a 10 to 20 commitment. The following represents what is involved with the initial purchase and cost/fee over the life of the system.

Proprietary Fixed Networks

Initial Purchase:

      • Meters 

      • Endpoints/Radio 

      • Infrastructure (gateways/collectors) 

      • Meter Data Management

         software (MDM)

      • Consumer Portal
      • Installation and Maintenance apps

      • Billing interface

Annual Fees for 10 -20 years: 

(subject to annual price increases of 2% - 5%)

      • Annual Maintenance                                    for Infrastructure

               (Warranty for product replacement)

      • Communication/Data backhaul 

      • Annual Software License (updates)

      • Annual Software Support

      • Annual Technical Support

  • Utility IT Initial Set Up

  • Utility IT Ongoing Support

  • Maintenance of Collectors/Gateways

       by technical staff

      • Infrastructure site maintenance

         (rental fees of site, electrical 

          and antenna repair) 

Miscellaneous Cost: (these costs may not be adequately budgeted)

Capstone NOVA Cat M Cellular Solution


Initial Purchase:

  • Meters

  • NOVA Endpoints/Radio

  • 10 Year Connectivity Charge which includes:

    • ​Communication/Data backhaul

    • Meter Data Management software (cloud based)

    • Consumer Portal (cloud based)

    • Installation and Maintenance apps (OS and Android)

    • Flat file billing interface

    • Software Support

    • Technical Support

    • Maintenance for Infrastructure (Provided by AT&T/Verizon)

Miscellaneous Cost: 

  • None (no unexpected or unbudgeted cost)

Annual Fees:

  • None (no annual fees to increase)


Among the advantages of Capstone’s NOVA Cellular solution is the easy deployment. No need to wait for the infrastructure sights to be identified, secured, and then deployed. NOVA’s infrastructure is already deployed and most importantly maintained by the experts, AT&T or Verizon. The NOVA Cellular System’s goal is to take the guess work out of what is included. All components, software, and communication (10 Year) is included to have an AMI system, regardless of whether the system is phased in one meter at a time or the entire meter population.

Because everything is included, financing can account for the initial product purchase, software, installation and all the cost for the first 10 years. There are no annual fees.

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